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Cricut Machines, Accessories & Materials at Everyday Low Prices
Make This Super Soft Pom Pom Rug & Keep Your Toes Happy on Cold Nights

Make This Super Soft Pom Pom Rug & Keep Your Toes Happy on Cold Nights

This extra fluffy pom pom rug makes a nice accent for a bedroom and is SO soft underfoot!  The pom poms do take some time to make, but they work up easily using a pom pom maker in your favorite colors.

pom pom rug 


Acrylic yarn in your choice of colors
Clover pom pom maker, 3 3/8 inch
Rug backing
Waxed thread
Latex rug backing


Cut a piece of rug backing to your size and shape. I decided to create a round rug about 4’ in diameter.

cut circle from rug backing

Make a WHOLE LOT :) of pom poms using a 3 3/8 inch Clover pom pom maker following the manufacturer’s instructions.  I suggest tying off each of your pom poms using waxed thread because it is sturdy and allows for snug knots. Be sure to leave long tails after tying the pom poms to make it easy to attach them to the rug backing later.

Obviously, the number of pom poms needed will depend on the size rug you choose to make. Periodically, I laid out completed pom poms on my rug backing to assess the total number of pom poms required for the finished rug. Eventually, I filled up a couple of grocery sacks with pom poms needed for my 4 foot rug.

pom poms

Tie each pom pom to the rug backing about 2 inches apart  and trim the excess waxed thread.

tie pom pom to backing

Repeat until the rug backing is almost covered with pom poms, leaving about 1-2 inches of rug backing around the edges of the rug.

Paint the back of the rug  using several coats of latex rug backing and allow to dry. 

spread backing on back of rug

Trim the rug backing close to the edge of the latex so that the rug back is not visible from the front of the rug.

complete rug top view

pom pom rug

completed rug close up

Thanks for stopping by! Lee Ann

Lee Ann is a mixed media hobbyist who enjoys using her Cricut machine for art projects as well as decorations for her home and garden. She's a new empty-nester with 2 adult daughters. Now she and her husband are free to embark on that US pizza eating tour they always talked about. Lee Ann provides IT support to Craft-e-Corner.

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Anna - November 27, 2020

I read these project. It’s say makes 4" round rug but it doesn’t say how much yarn for the Pom Porn’s or how much of the other material you need for this project. It would be nice to know.

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