Never Forget to Flip Your Heat Transfer Design!  Here’s how…

Never Forget to Flip Your Heat Transfer Design! Here’s how…

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Heat transfer vinyl comes on a carrier sheet.  The right side of the vinyl touches the carrier sheet and the adhesive for the vinyl is face up.  When cutting heat transfer vinyl, load the vinyl so the dull side is up.  Since you are looking at the design from behind, you’ll need to flip your design before you cut.  Forgetting to flip your design can result in wasted heat transfer, which is a total bummer!  It’s entirely too easy to forget to flip, so to remind myself, I created a decal for my Silhouette Cameo machine.

Never forget to flip HTV designs again- free Silhouette cut file!

This cut file is free for your to download, see below for the link to get yours!

When you open the file, you’ll see this:

Free cut file! Wait! Did you flip the design?

The file is a shirt with the words: Wait! Did you flip your design? written backwards.  I thought a shirt was perfect sinceI usually think of heat transfer vinyl going on a shirt.  If you’re brand new to Heat Transfer Vinyl, read more about it here.

I cut the design on a small scrap of regular red adhesive backed vinyl that I had left over from another projectMy trick for never forgetting to flip a design.

If you are brand new to working with regular vinyl, check out Vinyl 101: The Very Basics of Vinyl

Next, I loaded the cutting mat into my machine, lining it up with the blue line on the side:How to load a cutting mat with Silhouette Cameo.

After I cut the design, I removed the excess vinyl (weeded) the design:

Weeding the design- did you flip your design?

Once it was completely weeded, I was left with just the design on the backing sheet.  Using a piece of transfer paper, I removed the design from the backing sheet and found a place for it on the inside lid of my machine (so I will see it every time I open the machine to load my projects):

Brilliant! This is how I am going to remind myself to flip my designs before I waste anymore HTV!

I removed the transfer paper and now I have a reminder!

FREE Silhouette Cut file!


Hope this helps you!




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I love this idea! The download isn’t working. :(

Alison C

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