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CRICUT Machines, Accessories & Materials at Everyday Low Prices
Personalize a Watering Can with Vinyl

Personalize a Watering Can with Vinyl

Want to spruce up a boring old watering can you have? Just add some vinyl! This was a simple project that could easily be made into other variations as well. I used chalkboard vinyl so I could change up my message on the front.

Materials Needed:
• Watering Can
Chalkboard Vinyl
White Vinyl
• Transfer Paper or Tape
Cricut Maker or Explore Air 2
Cricut Tools
Standard Grip Map

1. Measure your watering can to determine the size you want your design to be. I made mine in Illustrator, but you can also find images directly in Design Space to use. My rectangle for the chalkboard vinyl is 4? x 2.25? with the flowers slightly overlapping it.

2. Separate your flowers into two layers so that it is easier to place over the chalkboard vinyl.

3. Cut your chalkboard first by hiding all layers besides the rectangle. Use transfer paper or tape to place onto the watering can. Make sure to use the scraper tool to get vinyl firmly onto the transfer paper and then again onto the watering can.

4. Next cut your vinyl and weed it carefully. Since my design was pretty small, I had to recut my butterfly because the antennas just got to be too small.

5. Repeat your process with the transfer paper and scraper tool to place these over the chalkboard vinyl onto your watering can.

6. Add a message in chalk and that’s it! I’m using mine as a front porch decoration so I planted some flowers in it as well.

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