Custom Mug Coaster Gift Set Cricut Infusible Ink

Custom Mug & Coaster Gift Set with Cricut Infusible Ink

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It’s that time of year! Gift giving season. I love being able to give personalized gifts to those I love. I made this matching Mug and Coaster gift set for some special people in my life. Both their first names start with a B. I used the Buffalo Check Infusible Ink to match the two.



     Mug Press
     Sublimation Mugs
     Sublimation Coasters
     Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets
     Heat Resistant Tape
     White Cardstock
     Butcher Paper
     Lint Roller


In Design Space I found the mug design setup project. This always helps me get the correct size for my images. I found the font I like with my letter B and sized it to fit on the mug. I duplicated it so that I had four of the same size B’s.


I cut the B’s out of infusible ink with my Cricut. The transfer sheet gets placed on the standard grip mat face up. REMEMBER: always mirror your image before cutting when working with Infusible Ink.

After it was cut out I used my fingers to carefully weed the sheet.


Using a lint roller, I made sure there was no debris on the mugs


I lined all the B’s up to where I wanted them on the mug and secured them down with heat resistant tape.


I turned the Mug Press on by clicking on the power button. It takes a moment to warm up. It will beep when it is ready.


Carefully, I placed the mug into the mug press.


I closed it by pressing down on the big lever on top. It will begin to flash on top with the little white lights.


When it is all done all 5 lights will be lit up and it will beep again.


Lift up on the lever and carefully remove the mug from the mug press. The mug is super hot so be sure to only touch the handle of the mug. Place it on a heat protected surface. I like to use my EasyPress Mat.


Let it cool completely. When it was safe to touch I peeled off the tape and pulled back the transfer sheet to reveal the design.






For the coasters, I started by measuring the coaster size. In Design Space I created a square that was slightly bigger than the size of the coaster. I took the same font of the B from the mug and scaled it down to fit in the middle of the coaster. I sliced the B out of that square.


Again, I used the lint roller to remove the debris from the coasters.


I lined up the square on top of the coaster.


I used the heat resistant tape to secure it in place.


After both are taped, I placed them both on top of white cardstock on top of my Easy Press mat.


I covered that with the butcher paper that comes with the infusible ink transfer sheet.


I turned my EasyPress on to 400 degrees for 40 seconds.


When it is warmed up and ready I placed the EasyPress on top of the coasters and pressed the C button.


After it was done I let them cool off before peeling away the tape.


And just like that I had a personalized mug and coaster gift set. They always turn out so vibrant and beautiful! I can not wait to give these away.


*You can't use up creativity. The more you use the more you have.


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