Cricut Christmas Gift Ideas

Cricut Christmas Gift Ideas

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If you’re a big Cricut fan, then you’re probably have a few Cricut items on your Christmas list this year. We’ve compiled a list of ten Cricut items that might be a great addition to your craft room this Christmas {*this list is assuming you already have a Cricut machine— and if you don’t, then you’ll definitely want to add either a Explore Air 2 or Maker to your list!}. These ten items are some of our favorite here at Craft-e-Corner and you’re sure to love them too!

1. EasyPress

Iron-on vinyl {also known as heat transfer vinyl} projects are some of the most popular projects that Cricut crafters make. If you make a lot of iron-on projects and want to make your life 100x easier than using a regular household iron, then an EasyPress should be on your list this year! They’re incredible machines for a few different reasons. First, you can manually adjust the time and temperature. This is a game changer because the guess work is taken out of the heat transfer! You can get flawless transfers each and every time. Cricut also has a heat guide website where you can choose your materials— and this will really help you to get flawless transfers! The EasyPress machines come in four different sizes: the Mini, 6x7”, 9x9” and 12x10”. If you’re really into heat transfer projects, I’d recommend getting the Mini and another size! I’d also recommend an EasyPress mat while you’re at it.

2. Additional Blades

You can’t go wrong with stocking up on blades. You know that you’ll eventually need to purchase new ones to replace yours when they dull, so might as well ask for them for Christmas! I’d recommend stocking up on your most commonly used blades— or maybe the more expensive ones if someone else is purchasing them. :) If you have the Explore Air 2, the compatible blades are the fine-point blade, the deep-point blade and the bonded fabric blade. If you have the Maker, there are quite a few more blades— and you may want to ask for them if you’ve been wanting to try them out! The Maker is also compatible with the three blades I just mentioned, but also the Knife Blade, Rotary Blade, Debossing Tip, Engraving Tip, Wavy Blade and Perforation Blade. You can read about the most recent blades here that were released this past summer here. I definitely don’t think you can go wrong with blades for Christmas!

3. Basic Materials

What are your most used materials? I’m guessing it’s probably materials like iron-on and vinyl, so consider what your most popular ones are and get stocked up on those! Here are some of my favorite materials from this past year.

Iron-On Mini Samplers

I love these mini samplers because they are inexpensive and come in a variety of colors. They're perfect for smaller sized projects. They'd be great stocking stuffers!

Patterned Vinyl

Cricut has TONS of patterned vinyl. Whether you're into Star Wars, pretty florals, geometric patterns or anything in between, there are tons of options out there for you.

Anything Natalie Malan

Natalie Malan is a water-color artist who makes the prettiest floral designs. She has a whole line of materials with Cricut-- vinyl, paper, Infusible Ink and iron-on. And I legitimately love everything she creates. If you love pretty watercolor florals and designs too, then I promise you'll love her.

4. Specialty Materials: Infusible Ink, Leather, Basswood

Are there certain materials you’ve always wanted to try out but haven’t yet? Some of my favorite speciality materials that I’ve worked with this year have been Infusible Ink, leather and basswood— but there are TONS out there. There’s chipboard, felt, window cling…and tons more. It’s always fun to try out new materials, so why not give it a shot?!

5. XL Scraper

If you’ve been crafting with your Cricut for a while, you know how important the scraper tool is! If you haven’t upgraded to the XL scraper yet, then you’re missing out! Seriously. You can cover more area in a faster amount of time which may not seem like a huge deal, but trust me…it is! It’s also super helpful for me when I’m applying vinyl to a surface and I need to help hold the vinyl down as I’m removing the transfer tape. As soon as you use it, you’ll be like where has this been my whole life?! It’s super affordable, so I can’t recommend this tool enough.

6. Basic Tools

Speaking of tools, if you don’t have one of these tool sets {especially one that includes a portable trimmer}, then I’d put one of these packs on your Christmas list. I honestly don’t think you can ever have enough of these tools in your craft room— the weeder (this one especially!), scraper, spatula, tweezers…you’ll use these tools a LOT. And honestly, I don’t know about you but mine always seem to disappear— especially the weeder tool! I always try to have at least five weeder tools in my craft room so I’m never without it. So if you don’t have all of these basic tools yet, then you should snag a tool set! And if you already have them, it may be worth to get another set as back-up.

7.  Brightpad Go

If you do a lot of weeding or sketching, then you’ll definitely want to invest in a Brightpad. Have you ever tried to weed glitter vinyl or heat transfer vinyl and have had the hardest time finding where to weed?! Yeah, me too. Now all you have to do is place your material on top of the Brightpad and the light will show through the cuts to help you easily see where to weed! It’s perfect.

8. Pens & Markers

I’m honestly a huge fan of Cricut’s pens and markers. I love crafting with them but I also just use them ALL the time at work. I love all the vibrant colors that they offer— and we have tons for sale on our website. If you love working with pens, I’d recommend two different options for pens/markers. First, the Ultimate Fine Point Pen Set is one of our most popular. It comes with 30 fine-point pens (0.4 tip) in every color you could think of. However, if you’re looking for a variety, you may be interested in this Mega Pen Set Bundle. It’s also another best seller here at Craft-e-Corner. It comes with 35 different pens/markers with varying colors and tip sizes. 

9. Cutting Mats

Last, but not least, you can never go wrong with asking for mats for Christmas! I think this time of the year is the best to stock-up because you can catch them on sale and you’ll ALWAYS need more mats, so now is a good time to get them. Think about which ones you use the most and stock up on those! For me, I go through the LightGrip cutting mat super quick because I use it all the time to cut vinyl. I also go through the FabricGrip cutting mats quickly because I cut a lot of fabric. Don’t forget all of the mats come in two sizes: 12x12” and 12x24”. 

And there ya have it! Ten (and then some) Cricut gifts ideas for Christmas this year. What Cricut items do you have on your Christmas list this year?


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