Using Cricut Print Cut Stovetop Potpourri Gifts

Using Cricut Print Then Cut for my Stovetop Potpourri Gifts

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We just moved a few months ago and I decided I wanted to do something special for our neighbors. I saw a recipe for stovetop potpourri and thought that would be super fun to give. I used the print then cut feature on my Cricut to design the top of the mason jar, filled with some goodies, and gifted them away.



Light Grip Mat
Card Stock
Mason Jar

Potpourri ingredients:

Cinnamon Sticks
Fresh Cranberries
Whole cloves
Ground Nutmeg


I first designed my topper in Design Space. I grabbed a Christmas wreath in google images and uploaded it onto my canvas. I then typed my message on the inside of the wreath. I set the whole thing to Print Then Cut under operation.


Then I inserted a circle the size of the inner part of the jar lid.


I aligned the design over the top of the circle and clicked Flatten.


I duplicated my image so that I had 6 of them and clicked make it. It will show you what it will look like after it is printed and on a mat.


I put white cardstock into my printer. Then I clicked on send to printer and print.


It printed it out with a black box around the images. These are the registration marks. The Cricut will read this box to know where to cut.

Next, I put the cardstock onto the light grip mat just like it shows in Design Space.

I selected my material as Medium Cardstock and loaded the mat into my Cricut.


It will first check mat length. Then I clicked the ‘go’ button on my Cricut (the triangle on my Maker 3). Then it will turn on a little light under the carriage and it will try to read the registration marks, the black box. When it reads all the lines it will then begin cutting.


After it is done I unloaded my mat, turned the mat upside down, and peeled off the circles.


I took the lid off my mason jar and added glue to the underneath side of the top rim.


I put the circle inside and pressed it down.


Here is the top of my lid.

I put all of my ingredients into the mason jar and put the lid back on.


I will be passing these out soon to my neighbors!


It smelled so good just having this stuff in my craft room I can’t wait to try out in a pot simmering.


*In a world full of Grinches, be a Cindy Lou Who


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