DIY Please Find Seat Wedding Sign For Your Guests

DIY Please Find Your Seat Wedding Sign For Your Guests

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It's almost wedding season! I got married in October, and the majority of my decorations were made with my Cricut. I saved so much money by creating my own signs and decor. Plus, I created them exactly how I wanted! To save some money for your wedding, here is an idea for the seating chart for your wedding.


Cricut Scraper

Cricut Black Smart Vinyl

Cricut Weeder

Transfer Tape

Wooden Hobby Lobby Sign


Step 1:

Go to Design Space and select the text box option. I chose the Smitten Font and selected the size to be W:11 x H:2.5.

Step 2:

Select Make It and select Smart Vinyl at the Default Setting. Allow the material to cut and then prepare to weed your design.


Step 3:

Remove the Vinyl and begin to weed away the unneeded areas. 

Step 4: 

Place your design on your transfer tape and apply pressure with your scraper to ensure that the design adheres properly on your transfer tape. Remove the backing and apply your design to your sign.

There you have it! A quick, and easy way to decorate your wedding on a budget. It's convenient to make your own Cricut crafts to add a personalized touch to your wedding decor. I loved making my own wedding signs!


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