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How to Use Cricut Machine with Shrinky Dinks

How to Use Cricut Machine with Shrinky Dinks

I've been trying to keep my kids occupied at home, as well as finding fun things to send to our friends while we're apart.  I discovered some shrinky dink pages I purchased from Amazon a few months ago, and I put some names and pictures in Design Space and let my Cricut Pen do the rest of the work.  After cutting out the designs and filling in some lines, we have great gifts to send off to our friends to color, shrink, and make into key chains.  


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Susan - May 13, 2020

RE: the Shrinky DInks, so you only used the Cricut to draw the pic, not to cut it out?

Deborah RIchbourg - April 20, 2020

Thank you for your article on glass etching. It has been a very long time since I have done any etching so when I saw your article, I just jumped with joy!!! I had taken a stain glass glass and the teacher taught us how to do this but with 10’s of years passing and not using the process I forgot. So, I am very, very happy about this article and I can now do my Oil and Vinegar glass bottles for the table!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart 3x over!!!!

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