Men's Vintage Dude T-Shirt & Drink Coaster Birthday Party Set

Men's Vintage Dude T-Shirt & Drink Coaster Birthday Party Set

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Men's Vintage Dude T-Shirt & Drink Coaster Birthday Party Set

In this blog post, we'll explore how to craft a man's vintage dude theme t-shirt and coordinating drink coaster using Cricut Infusible Ink sheets and blanks. These sheets offer exciting opportunities for customization, allowing DIY enthusiasts to imbue their creations with seamless designs in vibrant colors. We'll demonstrate how these materials can elevate everyday items into personalized works of art, perfect for celebrating a favorite man in your life. 

New to the Infusible Ink Process? Cricut Infusible Ink is a heat transfer process that allows users to create vibrant, professional-quality designs on a variety of compatible Cricut Blank materials, such as t-shirts, coasters, tote bags, and more. Here's an overview of the process:

  • Begin by designing your artwork or selecting a pre-made design in Cricut Design Space.
  • Use a Cricut cutting machine to cut the design from a sheet of Infusible Ink. Handle the sheet as little as possible and mirror the design before cutting.
  • Carefully weed away the excess material from around your design.
  • Using a Cricut EasyPress set to the recommended temperature and duration, apply firm and even pressure to transfer the design to your Cricut Blank
  • Once cooled, peel off the transfer sheet to reveal the vibrant, professional-quality design that has become infused into the material.
infusible ink materials


easypress machine

Wondering if you really need an EasyPress machine for your Infusible Ink projects? The answer is a resounding "yes!" This specialized ink requires consistent and high temperatures to effectively bond with your chosen substrate. While your household iron may reach the required temperature, its base plate often features perforations that can disrupt heat distribution. In contrast, the Cricut EasyPress boasts a smooth and flat base, ensuring uniform heat application throughout. Not only does it meet the temperature requirements flawlessly, but it also simplifies the iron-on process. Investing in an EasyPress is a decision you won't regret! For more insights into essential tools for Infusible Ink projects, check out our informative article titled "What Tools Do I Need for Infusible Ink?


Create your cut design in Cricut Design Space or go directly to this project. I'm using the following fonts and cut designs included with Cricut Access:

  • BFC Retro Babe (Font)
  • Conrad Com Extra Bold (Font)
  • Star Spangled Dude #M4AF66D86
  • Vintage #M505B7931
  • All American Dude #M498C0C23
  • ND #M97BFCDD
Men's Vintage Dude T-Shirt & Drink Coaster Birthday Party Set

Make the project. Mirror the design before cutting and place the transfer sheet ink-side-up on your Cricut cutting mat.

Men's Vintage Dude T-Shirt & Drink Coaster Birthday Party Set

Once the design is cut, carefully peel the cutting mat away from the cut design. To separate the cuts, gently roll the transfer sheet paper in a process Cricut calls "cracking your cut." Use a weeding tool or tweezers to remove the excess paper from around your design, leaving only your intended design on the liner.

Men's Vintage Dude T-Shirt & Drink Coaster Birthday Party Set

Follow Cricut's detailed instructions for heating and using an EasyPress machine to apply the ink to your project surface. Their heat guide will walk you through all the pressing steps and let you know the proper temperature and press time to use for your particular surface.


Prep the shirt for transfer by inserting a clean sheet of cardstock inside the tee to prevent bleed through. Run a lint roller over the surface to remove any threads or other debris. Lay a clean sheet of butcher paper on top and preheat the shirt at 385 degrees for 15 seconds. 

Men's Vintage Dude T-Shirt & Drink Coaster Birthday Party Set

 Place the transfer sheet face down on the center of the tee, with the top of the cut design about 3 inches below the neckline on the shirt. Secure the corners with a few small pieces of heat resistant tape if needed.

Men's Vintage Dude T-Shirt & Drink Coaster Birthday Party Set

Get more tips about how to position heat transfer designs for kids and adult apparel in our post on How to Align and Size Iron-On Designs on T-Shirts.

Layer your butcher paper on top and apply the EasyPress to the surface with firm pressure for 40 seconds. Take care not to move the design as your apply and lift the heat press. When you're done pressing, let things cool a bit and then discard the remnants of the transfer sheet in the trash.

Men's Vintage Dude T-Shirt & Drink Coaster Birthday Party Set

Care for new tees with infusible ink transfers by machine washing inside out with cold water and mild detergent.Tumble dry low or line dry. Do not use fabric softener, dryer sheets, or bleach. 


To begin, preheat your Cricut EasyPress to 400°F. Ensure the ceramic coaster is clean by wiping it with a lint-free cloth. Cover your work surface with cardstock.

Position your design face down on the ceramic coaster. Use Cricut Heat Tape to hold the design in place on the coaster if needed. Layer your butcher paper on top and apply the EasyPress to the surface for 240 seconds.

Men's Vintage Dude T-Shirt & Drink Coaster Birthday Party Set

When time is up, lift the EasyPress carefully from the coaster. Remember, the ceramic coaster will be extremely hot, so exercise caution and allow it to cool completely before handling. Once cool to the touch, carefully remove the liner from the coaster to reveal your finished design.

Men's Vintage Dude T-Shirt & Drink Coaster Birthday Party Set

And that's that - how to create a cool vintage dude theme t-shirt and matching drink coaster using Cricut Infusible Ink sheets and blanks. These materials are seriously a DIY dream come true! They let you add your own personal flair with vibrant, seamless designs that really pop. Following our easy instructions, you'll be turning everyday items into one-of-a-kind masterpieces perfect for celebrating the awesome dudes in your life. Oh, and don't forget to grab yourself a Cricut EasyPress - it's like your crafting sidekick, ensuring your creations turn out pro-level every time.

Men's Vintage Dude T-Shirt & Drink Coaster Birthday Party Set

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