16 DIY Bachelorette Party Ideas

16 DIY Bachelorette Party Ideas

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Planning a bachelorette party that perfectly captures the personality of the bride-to-be can be both exciting and challenging. While there are endless options for extravagant celebrations, sometimes the most memorable moments come from the heart.

In this blog, we're diving into some DIY bachelorette party ideas that blend creativity, fun, and personalization. From crafting sessions to outdoor adventures, spa nights to karaoke parties, these DIY ideas will help you create an unforgettable experience that celebrates the bride's unique style and interests.

Let's explore how to make her last fling before the ring truly special!

Grab your Cricut and let's get started!


DIY Bachelorette Decorations

1. Banners

A banner is the perfect way to show the theme of your bachelorette party and add some customization be picking the colors or adding a name! You can customize your photo op sign to fit your party theme. 

In the example below, you can have your Cricut cut out the paper and write the words on the sign. 


 Or you can have your Cricut cut out the letters and hand it that way. 

 Check out this blog here to learn how to make a banner with Cricut.  

Learn to draw with pens here

2. Confetti 

Who doesn't love confetti?! It is a fun simple touch that adds some character to your decorations. Plus, it is a good way to use some of your scrap paper laying around!

Kick of your "Nash Bash" or "Last Rodeo" theme with this cute cowboy confetti. 

Learn how to make confetti here

3. Customized Balloons

Up your decor game by adding vinyl to balloons to make them customized to your bachelorette! Balloon arches are HUGE right now, spice it up with some customization. 

Add to your Taylor Swift "Lover" themed bachelorette by adding some verses onto the balloons. 

Learn how to add vinyl to balloons here

4. Photo Booth Extras

Pictures are a MUST at bachelorette parties. Add some flair to your photos with some props catered to your theme!

You can have kisses, rings, fun glasses, bride crowns, signs with sayings and SO much more. 


PLUS your "Last Splash" bachelorette would be so much more fun with custom swimsuits! 

DIY Food and Drink Decorations

1. Drinkware 

Everyone loves a personalized cup especially since they are so easy to adjust to your theme!


These Mean Girl theme drink pouches are SO cute and can be a subtle nod to your bachelorette. 

Learn how to make them here

Customize champagne and wine glasses for a sophisticated DIY.

Learn how to apply vinyl to a curved surface here

Want something you can throw out after but still add your own flair? Use printable vinyl on plastic cups!

Learn how to make stickers for your cups here.

2. Wine Glass Charms

You won't lose your glass with these disco wine charms! Personalize them with the colors of your choice.

3. Cupcake Toppers

Add cute decor to your snacks by adding an image to a toothpick and decorating your food!


These groovy cupcake toppers will ALMOST make your desserts too cute to eat (almost). 

Looking for something a little more traditional? Check out these "Bride to Be" toppers.

Learn how to make dessert toppers here

4. Themed Napkins

These fun napkins will make a statement at your bachelorette party. The holographic details add some fine shine to your decor! 

Learn how to add personalization to your napkins here

5. Can Koozies

Keep your drink cold in style with themed can koozies. You can use iron-on or infusible ink for the cloth koozies or permanent vinyl for the can coolers (Brumate, Yeti, etc). 

Doesn't matter if your theme is disco, retro, country, costal cowgirl, vintage, coquette, camp, travel, or beachy- you can always use a cute can koozie. 

Learn how to make your own koozies here

Bachelorette Apparel and Gifts

1. Sashes

A bachelorette party must-have are sashes. You can customize the sash for each person or have them say "Bride. Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid". 

All you need for these is some iron-on vinyl and a mini press. You can have your own customized sashes in minutes!

Learn more about the EasyPress Mini and how to use it here.

2. Shirts

Options are ENDLESS for this one. Matching shirts are so cute and you can customize these in so many ways.

 Whether you are having a boat bachelorette party or a Disney themed party, you can make shirts to match any occasion! Grab your heat press and some HTV and you can get started. 

Never made your own shirt before? Learn how to here.

Learn how to layer iron-on vinyl here.

Check out this blog for aligning your designs and to determine sizes. 

3. Hats

Where to get started with this?! There are so many hat styles you can customize for you party. Boat themed? Customize captain hats! Lucky in Vegas themed? Personalized bingo visors! Last Rodeo/ Costal Cowgirl? Cowboy hats are perfect! Beach bach party? Add each name to a cute sun hat! Camp Bride? Baseball caps, trucker hats, bucket hats and more! 

Check out some of these options below!

Learn how to make your own baseball hats here.

This could totally be reused if you go somewhere tropical for your honeymoon!

 Don't have a hat press? Learn how to use your mini press for hats here.

Looking to purchase a hat press? We've got you covered here!

Make custom hats for each person in your bridal party that captures each person's personality!

Disco cowboy hats are a MUST have at any Nashville/ Austin or cowgirl themed party! Make them your own with phrases or names.


4. Custom Satin Robes

These are perfect for getting ready! Plus, you can reuse them on your wedding day for pictures while getting ready so everyone matches!

 Spice up your design by using holographic iron-on to give a faux rhinestone look. Learn how to here!


5. Sunglasses 

Protect your eyes in style while staying on theme to the party with DIY sunglasses.

Even your dog will want to join in on the stylish fun. 

Transfer tape will be your best friend with a project like this. Learn how to master it here.

6. Bach Party Must-Have Goodie Bags

Whether you are fighting a hangover or fixing makeup issues- set your party up for success with little bags of necessities! Customize them to fit your theme with funny sayings or their names.


7. Venmo Code Keychain  

Use printable vinyl to print off Venmo or CashApp codes so that people can scan the code to buy the bride a drink! Putting it on a little keychain or bracelet can ensure you don't lose it. 

 Learn how to make stickers using Cricut sticker paper here.


Now you have all the tools to set you up for success to do-it-yourself your own bachelorette party! Your Cricut machine can help you save big by creating your own decorations especially when it comes to parties. With these 16 inspirational DIY ideas, your Cricut can transform your bachelorette party into a day filled with personalized details that celebrate you. Remember, the key is to have fun, let your creativity shine, and infuse each project with your personal touch. So, fire up your Cricut, embrace the joy of DIY, and get ready to craft a party that reflects your bride perfectly!


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