Craft Fantastic Unicorn Kids Party Supplies with Your Cricut

Craft Fantastic Unicorn Kids Party Supplies with Your Cricut

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unicorn party accessories

Planning a unicorn party for your little magical enthusiast? Skip the generic decorations and whip up your own enchanting party supplies with your trusty Cricut machine! This post is your guide to creating jaw-dropping, custom-made crowns, wands, and balloons that'll have your guests neighing with excitement.

Forget bland headbands and boring balloons! We're talking dazzling crowns fit for a tiny king or queen, sparkly wands that cast spells of laughter, and custom-inflated balloons that could make a real unicorn jealous. So ditch the store-bought party supplies and get ready to unleash your inner crafting unicorn! With your Cricut and this guide, you'll create a party that's pure, unadulterated, magical fun for everyone. 


Cricut holographic vinyl pink sampler


Create your cut design in Cricut Design Space or go directly to this project. I'm using cut design #M4A00BFC7 and a few other unicorn and basic shapes patterns free with Cricut Access.

cut design

Make the project. Cut the unicorn crown base from white cardstock using Print Then Cut in Design Space. Cut the headband and circular wand base from your choice of cardstock. Cut the star and unicorn face from holographic vinyl. Weed the cut vinyl using your favorite weeder tool.

make the project


NEW TO PRINT THEN CUT? Check out these videos from our design team to learn everything you need to know about using this fun feature in Cricut Design Space.

calibrate print then cut

Print then Cut Sticker Tutorial for Beginners

How to Calibrate Your Cricut Cutting Machine for Print then Cut

2023 Print Then Cut Updates in Cricut Design Space



crown cut outs

Assemble the crown by stapling one headband to the base of the unicorn crown on either side. Then fit the crown to the wearer and staple the unattached ends of the headband where they overlap. Let the kids embellish the unicorn crown using markers, stickers, glitter, etc.

assemble crown

finished crown



wand cut outs

Assemble the wand by transferring one cut vinyl star to the center of one circular cardstock wand base. Since the cut vinyl is such a simple shape, you can skip the transfer paper and just use your hands to apply the vinyl. Let the kids sandwich a flat wood paint stick between the circles and glue in place using ordinary white glue. Allow to dry. Embellish the wand with curling ribbon or markers, stickers, etc. as desired. 

assemble wand

finished wand



balloon cut outs

Cut a piece of transfer tape slightly larger than the balloon transfer (unicorn face) and move the vinyl to the transfer tape from the vinyl carrier sheet. Wipe the surface of the balloon with rubbing alcohol and allow the dry. Use the transfer tape to apply your vinyl design to the inflated balloon surface. I like to cut up the transfer tape to apply the design in smaller sections for easier control. For example, you can apply only the ears first, then the horn, and finallly the eyes. Gently smooth out any bubbles. Carefully peel off the transfer tape, ensuring the vinyl adheres to the balloon.

unicorn balloon decal


  • Mylar balloons like this are perfect for vinyl decals. They're inexpensive at the dollar store, fairly flat on the face, and sturdy to handle.
  • Use small designs or work in sections, applying your design in small pieces for easier control.
  • Test on a scrap balloon: Practice your technique on a spare balloon before working on your final project.

NEED HELP WITH TRANSFER TAPE? Our design team has created these resources to help you get started using transfer paper as well as learn to apply vinyl successfullly on curved surfaces.

How to Use Cricut Transfer Tape

How to Apply Vinyl on Curved Surfaces: The Hinge Method

Applying Vinyl on a Curved Surface: Herb Pots


And there you have it! With a little Cricut magic and these simple steps, you've conjured up enchanting unicorn party supplies that'll leave your guests giddy with glee. Forget generic decorations – these personalized crowns, wands, and balloons are guaranteed to spark imaginations and turn your party into a land of sparkly dreams.

unicorn party accessories

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kids coloring page t-shirt

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Unicorn Treat Favors

Unicorn Treat Favors

We stumbled upon twisty suckers at Walmart and thought they'd make perfect unicorn horns. Using Cricut Print then Cut, we created cute party favors by uploading a unicorn image to Design Space, sizing it, and adding a backdrop with the offset feature. After printing and cutting, I attached the suckers using washi tape. 

Personalized Drink Pouches

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Get ready for a fun and creative DIY project that will transform your beverage game! Picture kids sipping from personalized drink pouches that perfectly mirror unicorn style. In this video, we'll walk you through the steps to craft custom drink pouches using Cricut vinyl.


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