12 DIY Cricut Projects with Specialty Materials

12 DIY Cricut Projects with Specialty Materials

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Here is a collection of 12 Cricut craft projects using specialty materials, including Foil Transfer, Wood Veneer, Leather and Aluminum Sheets. It is so fun to try something new with materials you haven't worked with before. Check it out, and you may just find your next project.



Cricut Foil Transfer Tool Project

Give your handmade greeting cards that special something to make them stand out. Foil transfers work especially well for cards. I love the shiny accent they add to everything. Watch this video tutorial and take your cards to the next level with this amazing tool.

Cricut Foil Transfer with Genuine Leather Napkin Rings

Here is a great way to add some pizazz to your Thanksgiving table. Each setting can have a napkin ring with a unique design you have created. The foil transfer adds a bit of bling, making them even more festive.

How to Make a Card with Cricut Foil Transfer Tool

Look at how the same card design can be used to make multiple cards that still look different with varying card and insert colors. Create or upload one design and end up with four cards or even more. The transfer foil outline makes these cards look so professional.


Welcome Round Sign with Cricut Veneer

Isn't this sign absolutely stunning? The color block effect in black and white with the wood veneer accent really pops, and the gingham bow and leaves add even more interest. I would be proud to display a sign like this on my home.

Splatter Guard Pumpkin with Cricut Wood Veneer

Pumpkin crafts are always cute, and this one is no exception. Not only can it be made inexpensively with Dollar Tree products, it is quite simple to do. Adding the word "thankful" with wood veneer is such a great idea and is probably a lot easier than adhering vinyl or painting it on with a stencil.

Succulent Flower Favor Table Décor Using Cricut

Such cute little flower pots with paper succulent plants. This is a unique way to use wood veneer - as a wrap around a paper Mache box. With the different colored plants, your display is sure to draw attention, the positive kind, of course!


DIY Custom Phone case Using Cricut Leather

Protect your cell phone with a personalized cover made with leather on a Cricut machine. Vary the color of leather and the design to fit your style. This would also be a great gift for someone you love.

DIY Leather Hanging Planter Die Cut with Cricut Leather

What a terrific way to hang a plant in your home. You can make this plant hanger yourself with a Cricut Maker and some leather, and it won't take very long. Add interest by attaching embellishments or just leave it plain.

Faux Leather Earrings with Cricut Joy

Faux leather can also be made into cute and functional products, like these adorable earrings made on a Cricut Joy. How fun to come up with your own design and use whatever colors you desire. You could even make some for gifts since they're so easy to complete.

DIY Leather Coasters with a Cricut

Did you know you can apply foil iron-on to leather? I had not tried that before, but now I sure want to. I love the look of these leather coasters. The combination of metallic leather and foil iron-on is beautiful. I think these coasters look store-bought, but they are not difficult to make.


How to Engrave on Cricut Aluminum Sheets


Ever since Cricut came out with Aluminum Sheets, I have seen these engraving projects all over. Here is a video tutorial for one such project using a Cricut Maker 3. This video showed me how easy it really is, so no more intimidation here. Check it out!

How to Apply Infusible Ink to Cricut Aluminum Sheets

Have you ever tried to find a particular house but couldn't see the house number very well? I have, and I wish all houses had a house number sign like this one. Not only would it be clearly visible, but nobody could call it plain or boring. This project applies Infusible Ink to a Cricut Aluminum Sheet. How amazing and what fun it would be to make. I may have just discovered my next project.

I hope these projects have inspired you to branch out and try something new. Every time you do, it opens a whole new world of possibilities.



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