12 DIY Cards with a Cricut Plus Card-Making Tips

12 DIY Cards with a Cricut Plus Card-Making Tips

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If you don't currently make your own greeting cards with your Cricut, you may want to start. Cricut keeps coming up with new ways to create them, and they are so fun! Handmade cards are special, and people love to receive them. Looking for ideas? I've got you covered with this collection of Cricut card projects.


How to Use the New Cricut Watercolor Cards

This is the newest offering from Cricut, and I, for one, can't wait to try out these Watercolor Cards. First the Cricut draws on the cards with special watercolor pens; then you spread the color around with the included water brush. What could be simpler? These cards have a unique look, and they provide you with even more design possibilities.

How to Use the Cricut Card Mat 2x2

Here is my first project with Cricut's new Card Mat 2x2. I made 4 thank you cards at once while learning how the new mat works. It was great to be able to cut out all the cards on one mat. I enjoyed the freedom of creating my own designs and using pre-designed cards as well and then letting my Cricut do the rest.

22 Tips for the Cricut 2x2 Card Mat with a Free Downloadable Guide

Here are the tips I came up with while learning to use the Cricut Card Mat 2x2. While researching the process, I came up with too many tips to include in the above project post, so I wrote this additional post to get the information out to you. Enjoy the free downloadable guide with all 22 tips.

Debossed Holiday card with Cricut Smart Sticker Paper

This card is so cute, and it looks easy, too. The embossed layer with the sticker paper over it looks so fancy, but it wouldn't take that long to make. If you are making the same card for all your friends and family, this would be a good way to crank them out.

Cricut Joy Cutaway Card Project

Here is another first project with a new Cricut card set. The Cutaway Cards allow you to use designs that contain small, unconnected elements, with no need to insert a backer into little slits on the card. I have ruined several cards in the past by accidentally ripping the corners while trying to do this.

Cutaway Card with the Cricut Joy for Mother’s Day

This Mother's Day card could not be simpler to make. Using a pre-designed card template from Design Space takes all the guesswork out of it. You just add your design of choice and let the Cricut do the rest. This project post includes step by step instructions, so there really is no reason not to try your hand at a Cricut Cutaway Card.

Mother's Day Card

What an adorable card! I love the addition of the buttons to emphasize the quote on the front, giving it a 3D effect. This card was cut to size and made into an insert card using a Design Space template. The quote was cut from the front of the card, and the sentiment was written inside, both done with a Cricut Joy and a compatible Pen.

How to Make a Father's Day Card with a Cricut Joy

We can't have a Mother's Day card without a Father's Day card, now can we? Watch this video tutorial to see how easy it is to make a Father's Day card (or any card) with a Cricut Joy and Cricut Insert Cards. Using a pre-designed card from Design Space speeds things up even more and gives quite a professional result. 

Cricut Beginner Project: Celebration Card

Need a generic card that works for several occasions? This celebration card fits the bill. It truly is perfect for a beginner. The design is pre-made in Design Space. Just select the design, gather your materials, and you're good to go. Impress your card recipient while doing almost no work at all.

Personalized DIY Cricut Thank You Card

Here is a simple card design made into multiple cards for a group. Choosing a pre-made design from Design Space eliminated the need to weld the design. It was simply duplicated and cut out on a full sheet of cardstock. No individual folded cards were needed. A hand cut insert was slipped into each card, creating flat note cards to hand out. What a great idea! 

How to Write Inside of Cricut Joy Card

As long as you are taking time to make your own card, why not print inside it as well? Your Cricut Joy can do that just as easily, and the printing will look so pretty. The card recipient may not even know your card is homemade. You might just have to tell them, so they know how special they are to get a handmade card.

How to Create Baby Shower Invitations with a Cricut

What an adorable invitation. That's the beauty of creating your own cards - they can be whatever you want them to be, and you can choose any colors or designs you wish. Your Cricut does not limit you to making greeting cards; invitations are doable, too.

Unicorn Valentines with Cricut Print Then Cut

These valentines are so cute. I love that you can find any image you like and use Cricut's Print Then Cut function to make your project, whatever it may be. No layering vinyl or cutting multiple colors required here. The twisted lollipops for the unicorn's horn are perfect. What an ingenious idea.

How to Upload SVGs to Design Space to Make a Cricut Joy Card

When we don't know how to do something, it can be intimidating and cause us to procrastinate. Check out this video tutorial and learn how to upload SVG designs into Design Space. It's not hard at all, and pretty soon it will be "old hat" to you. Sometimes it's nice to use designs created by others when we can't come up with something on our own, or we just don't have much time.

How to Make Your Own Insert Cards with Cricut Joy

Do you make a lot of cards and want to switch up the colors and patterns a bit or use up some paper you have on hand? This video tutorial shows you how to make your own insert cards, which opens up all kinds of new possibilities. There are also written directions if you prefer those.

12 Sentiments for Cricut Holiday Cards

This is so great! It can sometimes be easier to make an actual card than to figure out what to write inside it. Here are 12 sentiments you can use for holiday cards. What a time saver, and I love the messages. If I ever start sending out Christmas cards again, I will make my own, and these will definitely come in handy. 

So, with all these options, are you inspired to make some cards with your Cricut? It's not hard and can be lots of fun. There are so many options and colors to choose from. You just have to pick what you like and run with it. What are you waiting for?



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