15 Cricut Craft Projects for Beginners

15 Cricut Craft Projects for Beginners

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Are you a new Cricut user wondering what projects you can do? If so, you have come to the right place. Here is a collection of beginner projects to get you started. There are projects for the Explore and Maker machines as well as for the Joy machine, including home décor, children's items, seasonal and other fun projects to choose from. Have fun!


Beginner Cricut Project - Layered Vinyl Tile Name Plaques

This was my very first Cricut project, and it was not at all hard to do. It's so fun to personalize things, and they make great gifts. Using different tiles, vinyl colors and fonts can really change the look of these plaques. The best thing is, they are not expensive to make. Now, that's my kind of project.

Beginner Cricut Project - DIY Photo Cube Quotes

Photo cubes don't have to just hold photos, as you can see with this project. What a fantastic way to display various quotes and switch them up when the mood strikes. You could insert Bible verses, reminders for yourself or whatever you can come up with. Learn how to write and cut with your Cricut.

Paper Lanterns with Cricut

Paper crafts are so fun, and these lanterns are as cute as can be. I love the use of different patterns on each side. Simply cut out the sides with your Cricut, assemble them with dowels and glue, and place battery-operated lights or candles inside each lantern. Then display them and enjoy the light shining through the cut designs.

DIY Glass Coasters with Cricut Vinyl

Make your own coasters to match your home décor and personalize them with your choice of words or images. These would make great gifts, too. Once you create your designs, just cut them out with your Cricut, weed out the unneeded vinyl and apply them to the coasters with transfer tape. There's nothing hard about that!


Cricut Beginner Project - Baby Socks with Iron-On Vinyl

Do you have a baby shower to attend or a loved one who is expecting? Why not make some personalized socks for baby to wear? Use these designs or other ones you like. Not much Iron-On vinyl is needed, and they turn out so cute. This would be a good way to use up some of your small Iron-On scraps.

Personalized Mermaid Night Light

This personalized night light would make a great gift! It's such a simple project, but any child would love it. Just choose an image they would like, add their name and apply both to the night light with permanent vinyl. They will probably want to find a dark room and plug it in right away.

DIY Personalized Hair Brush with Cricut Joy

Here is another great gift idea for a child, again using permanent vinyl to personalize something for them. Little girls will love having their own hairbrush with their name on it. This is a project you could complete in minutes.  

Mommy and Me Shoes DIY Using Cricut EasyPress Mini

This children's project includes Mom, too. How fun to have matching shoes. Forget trying to find two pair that match. Now you can make your own, selecting whatever design fits you both. 

Cricut Infusible Ink Kid's T-Shirt

When you choose a multicolored pattern of infusible ink, there is no need to layer anything. Look at this adorable shirt created for a child's birthday. There would be no question that the wearer is celebrating a special day.

How to Personalize Popsicle Holders with Cricut Iron-On

Have you ever had an ice pop that "froze" your hands before you could finish eating it? This project will solve that problem nicely, and your children will love it. Just add Iron-On vinyl to neoprene ice pop sleeves to personalize them and then stock up on ice pops. 


Cricut Glow in The Dark Skeleton Halloween Themed Cups

These Halloween tumblers are adorable. With very little effort, you can have some, too. Just apply designs of your choice using Cricut glow-in-the-dark vinyl adhesive. Most any child would love to have one of these, especially with their name on it.

How to Make a 3D Paper Mandala with a Cricut

Mandalas are one of my favorite crafts to do. They are made entirely of cardstock or paper, but they look so fancy. With multiple colors showing through in different layers, the 3D effect is hard to beat. You can make more than one of the same design using different colors and get unique results with each one.


Christmas Tic Tac Toe Bags with Cricut and Easy Press

What a fun craft to make for children!  A cute little personalized bag holds a game they can take anywhere with them. These are a great size to stick in a Christmas stocking, too.


Cricut Joy Cutaway Card Project

Have you made greeting cards with your Cricut yet? If not, it may be time to try some. With Cricut Cutaway Cards, you can choose almost any design and not worry about the little pieces inside letters or images falling out. They stick right to the adhesive backing behind the front of the card.

How to Make Stickers with a Cricut Explore or Maker

Don't these stickers look professional? You could totally buy these in a store. The best part is, they are not hard to make, and you can select any design you like. Give some as a gift to a loved one, personalizing them according to their interests, or just keep them for yourself.

I hope you are inspired to try something new with your Cricut, making one of these projects or one of your own creation, using these as a springboard for something completely new. The more projects you make, the more comfortable you will become with your new machine. And then the sky is the limit! Happy crafting!


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